It can be hard to express yourself to your plastic surgeon. You can picture the shape and size of your new breasts in your mind, but you’re worried the surgeon will get it wrong.

Fortunately, the surgeon understands this dilemma. Most plastic surgery offices have a set of before-and-after photographs, with diagrams exemplifying different breast sizes and their corresponding implants, of course paired with their own knowledge and experience.

But you’re the one spending the money, so you want to get it right the first time. Here are some tips to help you define exactly what you want:

Cup Size

Many women will simply tell the surgeon what cup size they want to wear. Although this is a good first step, there's more to it than that.

Bring In A Photo

Just like you might do with a haircut, consider bringing in a photo of what you find attractive. This way you do not have to rely upon the photos in the doctor’s office, but can show the surgeon exactly what you want.

You Might Like This:

The Rice Test                                                                                                 

This do-it-yourself method lets you “try on” various implant sizes. To perform the rice test, put on the bra you want to be able to wear, then fill zip-lock baggies with the appropriate amount of rice, and see what looks right.

Try On Sizers

Your surgeon’s office will most likely have breast sizers—essentially a more professional version of the rice test—that give a more accurate idea of what you would look like with different size breasts.

Vectra 3D Imaging

Some offices have Vectra imaging machines that scan your body and turn it into a three-dimensional model on a computer screen. Your surgeon or their technician can then show you your body with different sized implants, with or without an accompanying breast lift, and more.

Lemon, Orange or Grapefruit?

Implant volume is measured in cubic centimeters, and the size of the implant plus the size of your natural breast will be your new breast size. Common implant sizes are 200cc (roughly the size of a large lemon), 300cc (a large orange) and 400cc (a grapefruit). Consider how much size you want to add.

Of course, 200cc implants will look different in a woman with natural A cups than a woman with natural C cups. Once you know what size you want your breasts to be, your surgeon can help you determine the appropriate implant in terms of shape and diameter.

Be Candid:

Most importantly, throughout the entire process you should put aside any sheepishness and speak plainly with your surgeon about what you want. The more honest information you provide, the more helpful he will be in choosing the implants that will leave you satisfied.