Finding accurate, reliable information on breast augmentation and reconstruction options might be perceived as difficult to someone who is unfamiliar with the process.

But with a new wave of information technology in the application developments for smartphones, breast surgery options and information are offered to people on the go, and usually for free.

The App Revolution

With iPhones and smartphones becoming an increasingly popular medium for gathering information, it is no surprise that breast augmentation and reconstruction procedures have been presented in an app format.

A number of new apps are becoming available, many of which have been designed and developed by hospitals and plastic surgeons around the country. Some of these apps are geared toward supplying information on different available procedures and options for reconstruction.

However, some apps are significantly more advanced, able to collect personal information and accurately project the possible results following surgery. Many such apps revolve around generating a unique personal recommendation, and allowing users to set an appointment in person immediately.

Breast Center

Breast Center is a new app that has been developed by a number of renowned surgeons employed with the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery, as well as the St. Charles Surgical hospital (which enjoys the status of being the only hospital in the world specifically dedicated to modern breast reconstructive surgery). The app is designed to allow users a full, interactive exploration of every available reconstruction option, including details about each type of procedure and a number of archived before-and-after pictures.

Procedure Wizard is a revolutionary sub-component of the app, which uses a supercomputer to process and determine the most ideal reconstruction options for each patient individually. The app user is prompted to respond anonymously to a series of questions, which will take the data and provide a personalized analysis. This section of the app also offers the opportunity to schedule an appointment immediately.

The app also offers a “what to ask feature,” which guides users through a series of possible questions to ask during their first round of appointments.

Be Selective

When choosing an app for your iPhone or smartphone to aid in making a decision related to breast enhancement, it is important to be judicious in your selection. There are a number of apps out there, many of which are created by independent users without any medical experience or professional credentials.

In fact, many “breast enhancement” related apps are designed as jokes or novelties. If selecting an app to help you make decisions and gain information on breast reconstruction or enhancement procedures, ensure that you are getting an app that has been developed by a medically respectable source.

As long as you are getting an app from a professional, reliable health care resource, smartphone apps can be an excellent and complimentary way to access immediate information on breast enhancement and reconstructive surgeries. With customizable features and interactive designs, the right app can help better your understanding of breast surgery options and schedule an appointment in a single step.