Breast enhancement and reconstruction surgeries have been increasing in popularity, but until this point, there has not been a surgical procedure that specifically targets the uplifting and positioning of the breasts. A new procedure in Israel is being developed and tested to provide for the maintenance of natural breast tissue, while surgically inserting a device to increase breast support and improve appearance through lift and positioning.

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Responding To A Common Complaint

Many women suffer from poor self-confidence because of the shape or perceived lift of their breasts. Especially after having children and breastfeeding, many middle-aged women desire a more youthful, lifted appearance in their breasts.

A plastic surgeon in Israel, Dr. Eyal Gur, noted this common complaint, and has developed a surgical procedure featuring a device called the Cup & Up Bra that can help women achieve their desired lift and breast positioning.

A New Internal Bra Procedure

The new procedure attempts to replicate the lifting, shaping effects of some conventional bras by implementing a bra-like structure surgically to the breast. Under this keyhole operation, which lasts about 40 minutes, surgeons will insert a harness-like device underneath the skin, using a local anesthetic. It is very similar in structure and shape to a conventional fabric bra, but the implant is made from silicone (the material already commonly used in breast implants).

During the procedure, the surgeon makes two tiny cuts, of less than a centimeter’s width, on the underside of each breast. The silicone cups are then inserted approximately one centimeter below the surface of the skin. After insertion, the surgeons carefully fit fine straps, made of strong holding material, which will keep these cups in place without sagging.

Using titanium screws, the surgeon connects these straps to the patient's ribs between the shoulder and the breast. After the insertion and connection, the straps are attached directly to the cups, and the device is tightened until the breasts are raised to the patient’s desired position.

Future Possibilities For Internal Bras

The first implementation of the procedure was administered to a woman in 2012, and so far, the procedure is considered successful without complications. The woman was in her 30's, and is making a successful recovery thus far. It is estimated that women undergoing the new procedure will be able to return to work after only one or two days of home rest.

The procedure will undergo thorough trials for a period of one year, in order to test the effectiveness and long term safety of the operation. However, professionals estimate that as long as the tests go well, the device and corresponding procedure could be available commonly in Europe within the next 18 months.

The new procedure will require extensive testing before it is available to the general public, but the early results are promising. The Cup & Up Bra may be a revolutionary new silicone device that can ensure a woman keeps her natural breasts, while restoring or increasing confidence with an uplifting and repositioning that reintroduces a youthful look.