Among the natural consequences of getting older, having children or both; changes in the appearance of a woman’s breasts are common and nearly inevitable. Having a breast lift is one option for resolving some of these problems.  This article will discuss a specific type of breast lift that uses CO2 lasers.

Why Might A Woman Want To Have A Breast Lift?

Aging causes breasts to droop or sag, in addition to wrinkling and other skin changes that occur with age. During pregnancy, the breasts get larger in preparation for breastfeeding. This growth may cause stretch marks on the skin, in addition to making it more difficult for the body to support the breasts, which also leads to sagging. After the birth of the child or weaning the child if the woman has breastfed, the mammary tissues shrink (post partum involution); thus decreasing the volume and density of the breast. In both cases, breasts will not be supported as well by the skin and muscle.

What Is A Laser Breast Lift?

Traditional breast lift surgery (without the laser technique) generally involves the surgeon making an incision, reshaping the breast and removing excess skin. In laser bra procedures, the CO2 laser first produces a type of flap from the excess skin below the nipple. This piece of skin is normally taken away in the traditional procedure. However, in the laser procedure, the surgeon reattaches the flap; starting at the base (crease) of the breast and running to the upper chest region. Fortunately enough, the flap is attached internally, making it invisible; for this reason, some surgeons refer to this procedure as “an internal bra.”

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Laser Breast Lift?

One of the major benefits of this procedure is to improve the breasts’ appearance and increase their support by using tissues from the woman's body, instead of introducing a foreign device, as in breast augmentation surgery. Compared to conventional breast lifts, which primarily offer change through skin removal, this procedure offers the added benefit of strengthening the body’s natural support for the breasts. 

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Many surgeons report that this extra step extends the period of time that the breast lift will give optimal results; though not all doctors agree. Keep in mind, however, that other factors like pregnancy, nursing, intense exercise, size of the breast, amount of fat in the breast and wearing supportive bras can also influence the duration of the benefits. The recovery period is comparable to that associated with the conventional lift surgeries.

Can I Have Another Procedure Done At The Same Time?

Yes, and many women do—breast lifts, both traditional and laser bra lifts—are often combined with breast reduction or breast enlargement surgery. Many women choose to have both procedures done to decrease the recovery time and expense associated with two separate surgeries. Ask your doctor what is best for you.

If you are considering one or more surgeries to improve the look, shape, feel or other characteristics of your breasts, ask your doctor if the laser bra is an option for you.