Though traditional breast augmentations are outpatient procedures, they are still surgeries, and like all surgeries, they require significant healing time. Traditional augmentation procedures require this long healing period because surgeons must create space in the breast for the implant; to create this space, the muscle from the surrounding bone and tissue must be removed so that implants can be placed underneath the tissue, the most popular implant placement. In a traditional surgery, the surgeon will use his or her hands and tools to pull the muscle away from the bone and tissue.

Usually, the patient spends one to two weeks after breast augmentation surgery recovering. During this time, patients are asked to refrain from work and most movement. Strenuous activity like exercise may be prohibited for up to six weeks. Swelling and tenderness where the muscles heal may bother patients for days after the surgery is complete.

Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, a California plastic surgeon, has developed a new procedure called Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation. Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation is designed to decrease the recovery time and levels of pain after a breast augmentation.  

What Is Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation?

Flash recovery breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that supposedly has a shorter post-operative recovery period. The surgery still requires the surgeon to remove the muscle from the bone and tissue to create a space for the implant, the injury that requires the most recovery time. However, instead of tearing the muscle, this new procedure uses cautery dissection. The surgeon uses a heat source or cauterizing iron to cut through the muscle and separate it from the bone.

Because heat is used to cut the muscle tissue instead of pulling and stretching, the cuts are cleaner and heal more quickly. There is also less damage to the rib cage because the muscles have been stretched less than in a traditional surgery. Both the cleaner muscle cuts and the decreased levels of damage to the muscles in the rib cage shorten recovery times.

Surgery time is also significantly shorter during flash recovery breast augmentation than during traditional breast augmentations. Most breast augmentations take between one to two hours to complete. In a sample surgery performed for the show The Doctors, Ghavami completed the procedure on a patient (first incision to last stitch) in 26 minutes.

Ghavami claims that recovery time is approximately 24 hours rather than the seven to ten days because of the shorter surgery time, the cleaner, more efficient muscle cuts, and the customizable sizing of the implant itself.  

Who Are The Best Candidates For Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation?

Flash recovery breast augmentation is not appropriate for women who require a breast lift, who have breast asymmetry, or who have constricted breasts. However, if you’re one of the thousands of women looking into traditional breast augmentation surgery, flash recovery breast augmentation be an option to consider. Be sure to talk to your surgeon about what kind of surgery might be best for your personal needs.