How To Avoid The Most Common Reasons Why You Might Sue Your Plastic Surgeon 

Like any surgical procedure, there is some risk involved in going under the knife for breast augmentation. But unlike other surgical procedures, dissatisfaction with the result is not covered under insurance, and another surgery could cost thousands of dollars more. So, how do you find the right plastic surgeon to fit your needs? To find out, we looked at the most common implant lawsuits and the trends which lead to a dispute between a surgeon and a patient.

Implant Lawsuits

According to a study published this year in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 13 percent of plastic surgeons face a malpractice lawsuit in the span of their careers, one of the highest proportions of physicians in the medical field. The reasons for these cases vary. However, the most common reasons behind lawsuits between plastic surgeons and their patients are:

  • Lack of informed consent (getting permission before going through with a treatment)
  • Poor cosmetic results
  • Scarring
  • Lack of expertise in performing a procedure

The study found that the most common injuries that plastic surgeons were sued for were*:

  • Disfigurement  (53.1%)
  • Undergoing a revision procedure (42.5%)
  • Scarring (38.7%)
  • Infection (21.6%)
  • Neurosis (13.4%)
  • Asymmetry (13.4%)

The study also found that malpractice lawsuits for breast surgeries are on the rise. The peak was in 2006, but the number has been steadily growing since 1985. Most of the lawsuits occurred in California (21.6%), New York (13.7%), and Florida (12%).

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Finding A Surgeon

But what does all this mean for your breast augmentation? The increase in malpractice cases simply means that you must be very careful while choosing a plastic surgeon. One of the first things you should search for when deciding on a plastic surgeon is their license information and information on any malpractice lawsuits or other charges. You can find this information on your state's medical board website. For example, California's license verification and lawsuit website is BrEZe.  

Second to that is an American Board of Plastic Surgery certification, an American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery certification, and an American Society of Plastic Surgeons certification. If a surgeon is certified by these organizations, they have shown marketed skill in plastic surgery.

Another important aspect of the breast augmentation experience is the consultation appointment. Before going in, make a list of questions for your surgeon. Do not leave the office until you are feeling confident and secure about your breast augmentation. Most importantly, do your research. Coming into an office not knowing anything about what you want out of the procedure, how much you can afford, or what makes a good surgeon could make for a very unhappy surgical ending.

*Note that the sum is greater than 100 percent due to the fact that some plaintiffs suffered multiple injuries