An Overview Of The Tricky Disease

Though your breast enhancement surgery might have been declared a success, resulting complications can occur any time. These complications range from asymmetry to breast sagging to other more serious issues. One complication is Mondor’s Disease, which is the inflammation of the vein on the breast or chest wall.

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What Is It?

Mondor’s Disease, also called superficial thrombophlebitis, is a benign condition that primarily appears on the outer side of the breast or under the nipple. Symptoms include pain, swelling and tenderness, and hardening of the affected area. It appears cord-like under the skin and can be painful to the touch or cause discomfort.   

Though the cause of the disease has not been pinpointed, it is thought to be induced by strenuous muscle exercise, breast surgery, a breast injury, or an infection. Symptoms can appear at any time after the strenuous incident.


Though the cause of this disease is unknown, treatments are available. First, patients should visit their general practitioner for an official diagnosis. This doctor will refer you to a specialist or assign a treatment. Either doctor might request a mammogram or ultrasound of the affected area before making an official diagnosis.

Treatment regiments include anti-inflammatory medications. These can either be topical medications to apply to the affected area or oral. Resting the arm on the side of the affected breast can also help, as can wearing a bra with extra support. 

The cord on the breast may take up to 12 weeks to disappear completely and the pain should only last a couple of weeks. If the pain persists or if new symptoms appear, contact your physician immediately and inform them of this change. This might be indicative of other complications that should not be left undiagnosed.