Post-Divorce Breast Augmentation

On March 18th of this year, celebrity media exploded when doctors, Anthony Youn and Fred Pescatore, informed that Miranda Kerr might have received a break-up breast augmentation. The doctors, who examined Kerr's photos before and after her divorce with actor Orlando Bloom, stated that the change in breast size in the two pictures could not have been achieved without weight gain or a breast augmentation. They also stated that her breast size went from an A cup to a C cup.

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Whether Kerr actually underwent the procedure is up for debate, but break-up breast augmentations—otherwise known as “break-up boob jobs"—are a very real thing. In fact, breast augmentations during or after a break-up are so common that many plastic surgeons offer divorce packages to bring in patients on the fence about augmentation after a break-up. But Kerr wouldn't be the first celebrity to supposedly receive a break-up breast augmentation. In 2010, rumors circulated about Kate Hudson undergoing a breast augmentation after her break-up with Alex Rodriguez. So, what exactly is a break-up boob job, and why do women undergo it?

Break-Up Boob Jobs

The first line of a 2010 Washington Post article on the subject of break-up plastic surgery proclaimed, “Forget 'Bridalplasty.' The real money is in 'surgical vengeance.'" And experience doesn't lie; surgeons across the country have begun offering divorce package to their patients, something that would not occur if plastic surgeons did not see a need for it.

A break-up boob job, or any plastic surgery that occurs because of a break-up or divorce, is essentially a way for a spouse to get back at his or her ex-partner. For break-up boob jobs, this means that the patient is undergoing the augmentation procedure to show her ex-husband or ex-boyfriend what he is missing. Women may also undergo this procedure to boost their chances in the dating pool, which they will most likely reenter after the break-up.

The Dangers

Regardless of the reason for a breast augmentation after a break-up, doctors and surgeons alike do not always recommend this drastic change during such an emotional point in a patient's life. Often times, the emotional hurt that a woman feels post-break-up leads to decisions she might regret. If a woman does not actually want a breast augmentation for herself, then it might end up as a waste of thousands of dollars, not even including the amount it would take to get the implants removed.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Phil Haeck, former president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, stated that he is concerned for women who get plastic surgery after a divorce for the above reason and because many people think that plastic surgery will immediately alter their romantic circumstances. "There's a discussion that has to be had - do they expect to find Superman or Superwoman the next day after they change their appearance?" Haeck said, “Because that person may not suddenly drop into their lives just because they've had something done."

Should You Get A Breast Augmentation?

The question remains: are breast augmentations post-break-up a good or a bad idea? The answer changes from person to person. Some women might get a breast augmentation post-divorce for emotional reasons, like those stated above. Others might do it because they have wanted an augmentation for some time and just acquired the funds and confidence to do so. Before undergoing a breast augmentation, make sure you are getting your augmentation for yourself. Changing a portion of your body drastically for anyone other than yourself is a bad idea and will lead to disappointment.

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