Defy Gravity With B-Lite Breast Implants

The average breast augmentation involves two 350cc saline implants─that's roughly a pound and a half of added weight on your chest. Though that might not sound like much, it's a significant amount of pressure that your body has to adjust to. Thankfully, the elasticity of the skin allows the body to quickly adapt to a difference in shape, but the density of the implant has a permanent affect on the body. Complications due to the abrupt physical strain on the body include:

  • Breast Tissue Atrophy: the skin around the breast area wastes away.
  • Extrusion: due to thinning of the skin, the implant shows through.
  • Ptosis: the skin loses elasticity and the breasts sag.
  • Back Pain

Saline and silicone gel have competed against each other since the 1960’s to be the most coveted breast implant option, but both have failed in innovating the weight of an implant. G&G Biotechnology provides a solution to this old problem with its newest product: B-Lite.

What Is B-Lite?

Dr. Jacky Govrin, a plastic surgeon in Israel, dreamed of developing a lightweight breast implant that would reduce the chance of complications post-operation. So he teamed up with his brother, a biomedical engineer named Dael Govreen-Segal, to start making B-Lite.

Their first obstacle was to find a better method of filling an implant. Luckily, the solution was simple: less silicone, less weight. B-Lite implants use silicone gel as the primary filler, but also have microspheres distributed evenly throughout the gel. These microspheres are bound to the gel in case of displacement. Essentially, B-Lite implants are porous silicone gel implants. G&G Biotechnology boasts that B-Lite implants weigh 30% less than the average saline or silicone gel implant. B-Lite has been heavily tested for quality, and looks like it will be hitting the plastic surgery market in Europe soon.

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Lighter Breasts, Less Sagging

Prior to B-Lite, the only way to solve the problem with heavy implants was to opt out for a smaller implant. Yes, one needs to consider health complications over aesthetics, but sometimes this isn’t an option.

Since female breasts have no muscles, they have nothing to hold them up. And with age, the skin tissue around the breasts loses its elasticity. Breast ptosis, or sagging, is inevitable regardless of getting a breast implant. B-Lite implants give women the opportunity to get the breast size they want without sacrificing their health.  

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