Breast cancer is a disease that can affect almost anybody, at any age. A number of celebrities have also had to face the disease, but after surviving, have utilized their public personas in order to help raise awareness of breast cancer, breast cancer prevention, and options for treatment and reconstructive surgery.

Judy Blume

Judy Blume, popular children’s author, has recently posted a detailed blog on her long battle with breast cancer, which stayed mostly out of the attention of the press. The entry, called “!@#$% Happens,” thoroughly details the author’s diagnosis through her decision to undergo a mastectomy, and eventually, breast reconstruction. Blume’s writing style is instantly recognizable for its approachability and its honesty. Blume underwent a roller coaster of emotions, struggling with the diagnosis and the difficult decisions to undergo treatment and later, reconstructive surgery.

Blume is now enjoying a full and healthy recovery, one month after her reconstructive surgery. Her writing has expressed her desire to become more involved in supporting the breast cancer awareness community.


Jewel, known for her distinctive songwriting and singing style, has always been outspoken in her support of female empowerment and women’s health, but has recently aided an effort in breast reconstruction awareness. Shocked upon hearing how few women have access to the information they need to make a decision regarding breast reconstructive surgery, Jewel joined the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) in their recently declared Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day in Louisiana, on October 17th. Jewel also released a new single, “Flower,” which was written to express female empowerment during periods of loss and heartbreak. All proceeds from the sale of the single on iTunes and will go directly toward efforts in improving breast reconstruction awareness.

Christina Applegate

Popular actress Christina Applegate is the daughter of a breast cancer survivor. She knows how important the routine mammograms are as part of a regular health checkup. In 2008, the actress proceeded to get an MRI as part of the screening process, which ultimately led to the discovery of cancerous developments in her left breast. Carrying the BRCA gene, Applegate elected to undergo a double mastectomy, and subsequently, breast reconstructive surgery. After the procedures, she has made a number of personal efforts and actions through her charity, Right Action for Women, in order to raise funds and awareness.

Wanda Sykes

Famous comedienne Wanda Sykes made the discovery that she had developed stage zero breast cancer after a successful breast reduction surgery. With a family history of cancer on her mother’s side, Sykes voluntarily underwent a double mastectomy in order to prevent any more developments. Sykes has since become a strong voice on the subject of preventing breast cancer.

Taking advantage of their celebrity status, these women represent a small portion of the actresses, musicians, and entertainers who have been stricken with some impact of breast cancer in their lives. In part they have used that experience to raise funds and awareness for the cause. With more celebrities and public officials speaking out, breast cancer awareness is seeing a strong upward trend.