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You may be one of the thousands of women who want to experience the confidence boost that breast implant surgery can bring to your life. But it can be difficult to find reliable information that will allow you to make the smartest decisions for your life and your body.

At BreastImplants.org, we want to help you make informed personal health decisions. We provide factual, research-based content to help individuals interested in breast augmentation and reconstruction learn about the options, risks, benefits and alternatives.

In addition, for those women who have decided that breast implants are right for them, we have made searching for qualified doctors in your area easy and fast.

Healthcare Brands

Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, BreastImplants.org is a part of the Healthcare Brands network of premium healthcare and wellness websites. The company provides consumers with easy to find and easy to understand whole health information that is current and evidence-based. This information is acquired and curated from the top 1% of experts in their respective fields. It is published and distributed through a proprietary ecosystem of disease or condition specific websites and apps. .

We place a high value on quality content, striving to develop sites that are enlightening, instructive and interesting. We promote a culture of respect, learning and creativity.


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