It's Friday night; time to strap on those six-inch heels and wiggle your way into that Little Black Dress. Maybe you've never bought into that whole “commitment" thing, or maybe you've finally divorced your way out of that boring marriage; whatever the situation, you're feeling frisky, looking foxy, and hankering for a fling. Sidle up to the bar, order yourself that apple martini, and take a good, long look around. It's time to lock in on tonight's fresh meat.

You're feeling sexier and more confident than ever before, but as you gaze at his peach-fuzz beard and his ripped blue jeans, you take a moment, thinking “Maybe he's too young for me?" But remember, cougars have served important roles since time immemorial. You're in the storied company of bold, beautiful ladies like Demi Moore, Elizabeth Taylor, and Queen Elizabeth I. Truth is, he's just young enough to keep up with you. Order up another drink and make your way over, keeping that tasty morsel in your line of sight; you don't want to have to get into a catfight tonight.